Water Services for the Puget Sound, WA, Area

Licensed and bonded, Valley Pump Inc. is committed to providing superior service and building a loyal customer base by delivering on our promises. In the last 75 years we’ve installed and repaired over 16,000 wells and even more water pumps in the Puget Sound area.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Install Pumps in New Wells
  • Install Complete Water Pumping Systems
  • Well Scoping Services
  • Trouble Shoot Pump Systems
  • Repair or Replace Water System Components
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Well Flow Testing
  • Install and Service Pressure Tanks
  • Install and Repair Holding Tank Systems
  • Install and Repair Filter Systems
  • Install and Repair Ultra Violet Systems
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Checks
  • Well Cleaning (Brush & Bail)

Who Do We Extend Our Services To?

Our services are for residential and commercial customers, such as:

  • Community Water Systems
  • Farms
  • Dairies
  • Irrigation
  • Surface Pumps for Waterfalls and Ponds
  • Spa Pumps

No matter what category you fit in, we are qualified to work with you.

Let Us Help You Maximize Your Well Potential

Do you have a low water producing well? We have the expertise to maximize your water volume with the use of storage tanks and other equipment, such as more efficient water pumps in Puget Sound, WA. We have available all of the pressure tanks and reservoirs that you might need.

And remember, we only supply our customers with the highest quality equipment when performing installations, which is why we are authorized dealers for Pentair (including Sta-Rite and Berkeley), Flint & Walling, Gould, and Grundfos. Call us at (866) 577-7867 today!

We Offer the PRO-Source Steel Pressure Tank Series

PRO-Source Pressurized Water System Steel Tanks have a maximum capacity ranging from 2 to 199 gallons and are available in both vertical and horizontal models.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Gauge Steel
  • Electrostatically-Applied Polyester Paint
  • Seamless, One-Piece Water Cell
  • One-Piece Composite Service Connection

On Top of That, We Provide Warranties!

All of our warranties last 5 years from the date of original installation.

Private Water Wells

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) has found that 78 percent of private water well owners prefer receiving their drinking water from their own well. That’s as strong a customer satisfaction statement as can be found in any industry and a true and reverent testament to Mother Nature. 88 percent of those surveyed said private wells were their least expensive drinking water option.

Private water wells also allow consumers to take more control of their water quality. Well owners can take steps to protect their groundwater from contaminants and can hire trained professionals to conduct regular maintenance checks and water quality tests.

Contact us today to schedule a service or for more information; call us at (866) 577-7867!