Puget Sound, WA, Well Water System Facts

Whatever questions you may have about your well water system in Puget Sound, WA, we can answer them. With 75 years of experience under our belt, we know everything there is to know about your well. As a family owned business who prioritizes your needs, we don’t mind letting you know how to keep your well water system healthy at all times.

One Method to Keep Your Well Water System Functioning Properly

If you want to perform a pressure tank annual service, follow these steps:

  1. Shut the power off to the pump.
  2. Completely drain the water from the pressure tank(s) then close the valve.
  3. Using a good tire pressure gauge, check the pressure from the valve on top of the tank(s).
  4. The pressure should be exactly 38 lbs. (on a 40-60 tank)—or—2 lbs. under the cut-in pressure.
  5. If necessary, add air with air compressor to reach the appropriate pressure.
  6. Flip the switch and turn the power to the pump back on.
  7. If you have questions or concerns, call Valley Pump for a yearly maintenance checkup.

Any time you are having a problem with your pump, please turn off the power source immediately and call Valley Pump right away!