Harnessing the Power of SEO for Small Businesses

Harnessing the Power of SEO for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner who wants to use SEO to boost business, here is a quick guide from Team Ogrelogic, one of the top SEO companies in Springdale, Arkansas.

With limited budgets, marketing, especially digital marketing can be a challenge for small businesses. However, your business’s organic listings can help to build trust with local customers and strong, SEO or search engine optimization can prove a great marketing tool for your small business.

Why SEO?
What is SEO all about? Is it keyword research? Is it about building an optimized website? Does SEO involve content marketing? Can SEO create a credible image of your business for potential customers?


And more.

SEO began with optimizing keywords within the page and in the meta data and using exact match anchor text in links to rank higher. It worked then.

In 2017, SEO is more than simply Search Engine Optimization. Google is now looking at the relevance of your content. There are different types of SEO and affected by many factors. An experienced SEO company can help you identify the one that is important for your business, depending upon your industry, the geography where you operate, and your SEO SWOT.

A search engine is more than a search engine. It is a tool that offers the best answers to the users’ questions.

If you want your small business to succeed in this search landscape, you need to do everything you can to be that ‘Best Answer’. Provide whatever information your potential customers need to make a decision. This will also drive the clicks towards becoming customers.

SEO for Small Businesses
For a small or medium business, SEO focus should include –

• A fast, well-structured, mobile-friendly website
• Relevant, informational content rather than just keywords showing why a customer should choose your brand or offer
• Local SEO
• Building authority with links
• Building credibility and buzz with online PR and media

Since it involves a neatly designed strategy, understanding your current situation and marketplace is essential to SEO success.

In some cases, combining PPC and SEO can deliver the best results for small businesses. PPC can give bring you quick results at a cost, and as your organic visibility builds through SEO, you can reduce paid search marketing.

Having said that, there is no doubt that the sooner you start investing in your SEO strategy, the sooner you can benefit from this highly effective marketing tool.

To know more about SEO and how to make the most of it, talk to Team OgreLogic, one of the best SEO companies in Springfield, MI; Kansas City, Springdale, Arkansas. OgreLogic is your natural strategic partner providing SEO, SMO, game changing mobile apps, responsive web design, virtual resourcing and content focused digital marketing services.

Watch Out for these 5 Mobile App Development Trends this Year

Watch Out for these 5 Mobile App Development Trends this Year

From waking up to an alarm, organizing daily schedules, watching videos, chatting with friends, buying stuff, sharing files and so on – more than 2 billion people worldwide use mobile apps daily.

Mobile apps development and usage continue to experience the upward trend as 2017 crosses its halfway mark. Here is a look at mobile app development trends that we are going to witness in the second half of the year.

Google Mobile-First Index

Google began the AMP Project more than a year ago. Google has announced that they are going to make their index mobile-first. This can change the Mobile app development trends completely.

Google AMP supported web apps will load faster on mobile devices and reduce bounce rate. It will benefit publishers with increased ad visibility and more visitors.

Popular Versions of Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already made forays into everyone’s lives with games like Pokémon Go devices like Samsung Gear VR. AR app development will continue to rise this year.

If AR and VR are here, how can AI be Far Behind?

An increase of more than 300% is expected in investment on artificial intelligence this year as compared to last year. Google, IBM, eBay, Facebook have already started acquiring startups who are good at Artificial Intelligence. That should be a telltale sign of the evolution of AI apps.

Cloud Driven Mobile Apps

Cloud apps are expected to drive most of the total mobile data traffic by 2019. Powerful mobile apps such as OneDrive and Google Drive are only a glimpse of the great apps that will directly fetch data from cloud and take minimum space in your smartphone internal memory.

MicroApp Trend – Not so Micro Any More

MicroApps are on the rise. They provide a highly focused, task-based functionality that allows users, to access, interact and close the app, with great efficiency.

Enterprise companies are the biggest adopters of MicroApps, as components to integrate in a single installable app to fulfill workstream-level needs for employees.

To know more about app development, talk to Team OgreLogic, one of the leading iPhone app development agencies in Fayetteville, Arkansas; Memphis TN; Kansas City, MO; Dallas, TX and Tulsa OK. OgreLogic is your natural strategic partner providing game changing mobile apps, responsive web design, virtual resourcing and content focused digital marketing services.

What features make a great smartphone app?

What features make a great smartphone app?

As of March 2017, the number of apps in the Google Play Store was 2.8 million. This intriguing fact was presented by Statistics portal Statista. But, in spite of this staggering number, a majority of apps failed to leave an impact on the target users. The reason is straightforward: They don’t evolve as per the changing trends.

If you are in the plans to develop an app for your business, you ought to know the latest trends for maximum returns. Every renowned software development company from Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and other regions usually guides you about these current trends.

Through this blog post, we discuss some trends and features related to app development.

Cloud technology

Almost every tech professional or someone associated with the online world is aware of cloud technology. In simple words, it is a technology of retrieving information and resources from the internet using web-based applications. This technology is now being integrated into the smartphone apps. Why users love it? This is because these apps fetch data directly from the cloud and acquire minimum space in the smartphone.

Search Option

Gone are those days when ‘Search’ meant only Google or Yahoo. With the content in the websites and apps increasing at an exponential rate, the search option is now inevitable. When the content becomes abundant in an app, it becomes difficult for the users to find the relevant information. A lot of news-related and e-commerce apps have already included a search option.

Responsive design

Responsive design means the ability to adjust the layout as per the screen size of the device. This is now an inevitable feature of website designing in the current scenario. To expand the reach of your app, you must include this feature during app development, too. A smart way to achieve this feature is to develop apps using technology that allows the app window to automatically adjust as per the screen dimensions.


We have already discussed that evolving is the key to thriving in the market. To fix bugs and enhance functionality and features, you need to update your apps regularly. Make sure the updates don’t cost the users a lot of space in their smartphone, else they will start looking for alternatives. Take user feedback into consideration while designing updates for your app.

More Touch & Less keyboard use

Typing seems suitable when screens are big, like that of a tablet. When you are developing a universal app, make sure the users don’t have to type much. They (the users) will prefer touch-based experience over typing, as it saves time and makes the app easy to use.

The Bottom Line:

A great app idea, when combined with these features, will translate into maximum yields. If you are outsourcing your app, discuss these requirements with your software development company. We, at Ogrelogic, are also capable of integrating these features while developing a smartphone app. These and several other attributes have helped us become best Software Development Company in Arkansas. Our software development services are also popular in regions like Dallas, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Kansas City, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

You can also contact us to know what other features can be included in your already existing app or how to upgrade it. Call us to get a free estimate: (512) 808-5536

Top Monetization Models for Android Apps

Top Monetization Models for Android Apps

Development of Android apps is not difficult anymore. There are various app development companies from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and other regions that successfully do it on behalf of your business. What is important is to ensure that you can monetize the app profitably.

Through this blog post, we discuss different monetization models for Android apps.

In-App Advertising

It is the easiest and most common way to generate revenue through mobile device apps. You just need to make sure that the app is a hit among target users. Positive reviews and app store optimization play a vital role to promote your app. Major mobile ad platforms include:

* Banner ads – Traditional form of online advertisement that you can place within User Interface (UI) of your app.
* Interstitials – Advertisements placed at entry/exit points of your app. Use of videos, images, and links to websites is popular in this format.
* Surveys – You receive a certain amount of money for every survey completed by a user through your app.
* Notification ads – Users receive ads via notification without the need to open the app.

Paid apps (Direct sales)
The users have to pay a certain amount to download the paid apps. Otherwise, only a description, screenshots, and a video will be available to them. The app needs to be highly useful to convince the users to purchase it. In this model, too, the role of marketing team becomes crucial. You also need to integrate several features that are not available in the apps available for free.

Business intelligence firm App Annie in 2014 reported that around 50 percent of apps downloaded through Google Play are freemium ones. In this model, the users can download the app without any charges, but they have to shell out money to enjoy premium features. The popular games, including Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans, are some examples of the freemium mobile apps. Freemium apps and games are popular among users who hate getting interrupted by ads. In fact, a lot of apps have a feature to remove ads if users pay for premium version.

This is somewhat similar to the freemium model. The users have to pay for a subscription associated with an app. This concept is popular for newspaper and magazine apps that offer live feed by charging some amount on a monthly basis. Strong and regularly updated content is what makes this monetization model a success.

M-commerce apps
With smartphone screens getting bigger and individuals spending more time on mobile devices, m-commerce is expected to dominate the online shopping market soon. Just like e-commerce, you need to make sure the products you are selling through apps resonate with the lifestyle of target customers. The premium research service of Business Insider, BI Intelligence, predicted that m-commerce market would touch the mark of 284 billion dollars by 2020.

The Bottom Line
At the end of the day, it is the design of the app that decides the fate of monetization model you have selected. And to create a multi-feature, user-friendly app, you need to choose the best app development company. A lot of businesses from Arkansas consider us as the best Android app development company due to the quality of the services we offer. Our services extend to other regions, too, such as Memphis, Tennessee; Dallas Texas; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Kansas City, Missouri.

You can consider us as your partner in earning money through a clean, error-free app. Call us to discuss your app-related requirements: (512) 808-5536

Factors to keep in mind before developing an iPhone app

Factors to keep in mind before developing an iPhone app

Do you know that around 224.8 billion apps were downloaded in 2016? This is what online statistics portal Statista mentioned in a report. This number is expected to reach 270 billion dollars in 2017. iPhone apps have a significant share in this figure. This is indeed a positive trend for those who are planning to develop their own iPhone app.

To make your app a hit, you need to keep certain factors in mind. Every reputable Phone app development company from different states, such as Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, etc., follows these factors during the development process.

A proper plan is mandatory
Entering the development phase without a proper plan will rarely result in success. Planning ensures you are not committing any error that can completely jeopardize your app. It is always advised to be aware of what you expect from an app and how to achieve it.

Compatibility with multiple iOS devices
You can’t expect your app to penetrate in the market if it is not compatible with different iOS versions and devices. By keeping the aspect of a particular device in mind, you can deliver premium UI experience to users. The wise idea would be to avoid features that don’t seem to fit into your app.

Test! Test! Repeat!
The positive reviews of users largely depend on how much time and energy you have invested in the testing phase. A lot of problems might occur at unexpected stages while using an app. And you don’t want your users to uninstall the app or write bad reviews due to some minor bugs. An iOS app needs to pass through unit testing, integration, and debugging phase before it is being published in the app store.

Think like a user
Various “Great App Ideas” fail because they are not user-friendly. It is not necessary that if you understand the concept of your app, your users will too. You need to create as clean and friendly app as possible. Make sure the users completely understand every feature and enjoy it to the fullest.

Iphone App development at Ogrelogic
At Ogrelogic, we follow all these factors religiously to ensure the end product meets the demands of our clients. This also ensures that the app makes the life of an end user easier in one way or the other. This approach has helped us become a popular iPhone app development company in Arkansas. A lot of our clients also contact us from different regions like:

  • Dallas, Texas,
  • Memphis, Tennessee,
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Share your vision with us, and we will convert it into a full functioning iPhone app. Call us today for a free quote: (512) 808-5536

Why Do Small Businesses Need a Smartphone App?

Why Do Small Businesses Need a Smartphone App?

Applications on a smartphone, popularly known as Mobile App(s) are what make your smartphones truly smart. A mobile app is a software application designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices. Most mobile devices come with built-in apps.

Are you thinking about building a mobile app for your business? It’s high time you did it. As mobile device usagekeeps increasing, business owners now know that a mobile presence is not an add-on but a necessity. Apart from popular demand, here are the top three reasons small business owners build their apps.

Sales Increase

Most small and medium businesses now understand that a mobile app is necessary to boost sales. Awell-designed mobile app can help buyersexplore products and services easily and instantly which ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

Apps offer the most convenient way to browse and shop. Customers can now shop from anywhere. In addition, companies can send information about new deals, products, events to existing and potential customers.

Enhanced Buyer Experience

With an app, you are never away from your customer. On the smartphone app, you can easily offer accessible information. This constant presence can help to enhance the customer experience.

Adding elements such as customer loyalty features, social networking integration and push notifications can help businesses engage the potential customer, convert them to buyers and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

Grow and Evolve

If you wish to compete with others, you have to adapt to these changes with a strong presence on smartphone and other mobile devices. Business owners are now using mobile technology to run their business better, including implementing internal apps to make operations run more smoothly.

All these reasons ultimately lead to the conclusion that creating an app now will help small businesses grow as their customers evolve.

If you are looking for a mobile app development company, get in touch with OgreLogic in Austin. OgreLogic’s app developers, SEO experts, online marketers, web developers and designers and analysts solve real problems through research, design and execution. Their passion for everything digital includes yet goes beyond websites, apps, search and social.

How Does Video Marketing Work?

How Does Video Marketing Work?

An increasing number of businesses now understand the value of video as a marketing tool. Video marketing simply means incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns, whether to promote a product or service or your brand. Customer testimonials and live event videos some of the most popular forms of video marketing as companies leverage rich media content into their marketing plans.

There are several reasons why online video marketing works for businesses.

  • Video is more engaging. A well-told story is much more effective than a long article. Videos allow you to explain complex things relevant to your audience in a simple manner.
  • Video helps you connect with the audience. Someone talking to you is obviously much better than reading text. It is also an opportunity to establish rapport with the viewers.
  • Video is more targeted than other marketing alternatives. Video marketing can help you find, engage, convert, and retain the people who want to buy your product, support your cause, or promote your story. Online videos wouldalways outdo other marketing efforts on social networks like Facebook, organic search, and paid search. Video is rich since it allows your audience to relate to you and connect with you.
  • When you produce video and post it on YouTube and your blog, you index on two search engines: Google and YouTube. That makes the complex video SEO process an easy task.

If you are looking for a reputed video marketing company, get in touch with OgreLogic in Austin. OgreLogic’s SEO experts, online marketers, web developers and designers and analysts solve real problems through research, design and execution. Their passion for everything digital includes yet goes beyond websites, apps, search and social.

Top 3 Reasons To Integrate Social Media in your Android Apps

Top 3 Reasons To Integrate Social Media in your Android Apps

Apps have been around for a while. But their true potential can only be harnessed when they are integrated with social media. This trend of social media integration in android apps has been a game-changer. Here are the biggest reasons why all apps should utilize social media integration.

Enhanced Functionality

Instagram and Tinder, both have social media integrated seamlessly in their setup. Instagram lets users login through their Facebook account as well as share their Instagram-filtered images on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other networks.

Social media integration within an app can enhance the app’s functionality as well as user experience significantly.

Tinder also lets users login through Facebook, but it also pulls data from their Facebook to show mutual interests and mutual friends for the matches.

Social media integration can also enable other features in an app such as recommending products to other users. At the same time, they can see the recommendations made by someone they are following. This adds credibility to the products and services which persuades users to buy.

In-app Sharing

When you integrate social media in an app, you make in-app social sharing possible. For example, your business’s app can have its Facebook page feeds placed inside the app which enables the users to know about an event it has organized, get updates on it and interact with others without leaving the app.


Social login in an app allows users to login through social media platforms,offering easy access to the app, which would only otherwise be possible through a long series of steps.

Easy accessibility is quite useful in case of e-commerce apps where users get frustrated when they have to create an account to buy products. A social login enables new customers to sign up to a retail site and start shopping immediately.

More Downloads

If social media sites are integratedin an app, userscome across the app’s download link in their social media feed. This promotes more app downloads, user onboarding and finally higher conversions. Users can see the purchases made by their friends and other people, giving them the required push to make purchases.

Increased Usage

When the sign up and login for the app is faster, more people would use the app. As users stay updated with news feeds and friends’ activity, the app gets more visits and a higher usage.

More Revenue

When you get more people to download and use your app, it also becomes a new revenue channel.

If you are looking for reputed social media marketing or an app development company, get in touch with OgreLogic in Austin. OgreLogic’s online marketers, app and web developers and designers and analysts solve real problems through research, design and execution. Their passion for everything digital includes yet goes beyond websites, apps, search and social.

Empower your CTA for a Higher Conversion Rate

Empower your CTA for a Higher Conversion Rate

Most marketers think that the headline and the body copy is the most important. Of course, they are but do you know what is equally (if not more) important?


CTA or Calls to Action is typically the closing thing in your ad, blog post or landing page. It may look small yet carries a huge impact.

Do you know emails that contain a powerful CTA get more than 300 percent more clicks than those without one?

You have got your potential customers’ initial attention with the headline, created interest and built a desire with the body copy, but it is the CTA that will convert them into actual buyers.

Without a powerful CTA, your ad, blog or landing page would just be another interesting piece of content and nothing more!

But just putting a plain vanilla Call to Action button at the end of your content may not actually get you the desired result.

Effective CTAs should be –

  • Able to cause desired action
  • Offer a clear benefit
  • Carry on the momentum built by the content

Audiences are now bored of looking at “Submit,” “Buy” or “Purchase,” buttons, which they tend to ignore or skip.

So, here are a few methods that you can utilize to turn your boring CTA into a powerful, compelling conversion machine!

What Value do you Offer?

Look at what your customers want, not what you are offering. Clichéd as it might sound, it is absolutely true. You may be offering the best product or service but if it doesn’t solve a problem of the customer, it is of no real value.

No one wants to “Submit” their email.

No one wants to “Buy” your product.

No one wants to “Order Now.”

Remember the benefit you are offering.

The words you use should remind the customer that they’re getting a benefit instead of sending them the message that it’s going to cost them something.

Here are a few examples –

  • Instead of “Order Now”, say “Get”
  • Instead of “Your”, say “My”
  • Say “And Get Started”

With an abundance of choice, the present day consumer needs consistent reinforcement that the benefits are real. If your CTA breaks the momentum you’ve built with the headline and the body copy, you lose a game you were winning.

Do Orange Buttons Really Work?

If you think orange CTA is omnipotent, visit the websites of successful businesses and check out their CTAs. Do all of them use orange CTAs? Don’t you think the color of the CTA button is chosen such that it is distinct from the background?

Positioning your CTA

Imagine that you go out shopping. A store is selling fruit — a simple product and obvious benefits. As you walk in, a sales assistant asks whether you want to buy apples. He adds they are fresh, delicious and nutritious and available at only $5 a bag.

There’s a high chance of you buying, isn’t it, especially if you are out to buy apples?

The next store, however, is selling cameras. As you walk in, a sales assistant asks you, “Looking for a DSLR camera? Here, this one’s good. It’s 24 megapixels, with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM & EF-S 55-250mm IS STM Lens, and is only $1,500.”

Would you buy it?

Why not?

Because you don’t have sufficient information about it for you to spend $1,500 without some serious thought.

If you wanted to buy a new DSLR, you’d spend some time looking up the best options, checking out reviews, talking to sales assistants, and making sure that the one you wish to buy offers everything you need from a camera.

Asking potential customers to buy a product or service as soon as they come to your store isn’t the best way to convince them, even if they are looking for it. It appears pushy, takes away trust and puts people off.

So, consider whether you would like to position your CTA lower than where it currently is.

Businesses that offer simple products and services that are not very expensive can have a clear CTA above the fold for a free trial or even purchase.

But sites that offer a variety of products, require a demo, or are expensive; it may be good idea to take the visitors to a more product-focused page before you ask them to sign up.

Figure out the point where sufficient information required to buy and has been given and the desire to buy is still at its highest.

Add a Little Urgency

Urgency is a great positive effect on conversion. The thought that you may miss a sale that ends today or a product might be the last one left in its category may sometimes be enough to persuade your audience into immediate action.

Urgency can be created in the CTAs quite easily. For example –

Get your free e-book right now!

Get 50% off today only!

However, remember that adding too much urgency, too often may actually turn out to be counterproductive. The reason urgency works so well is that it makes the action the user is about to take feel more important than all the other potential actions they could take.

That’s why you may want to save this strategy for your most profitable CTAs.

One Page, One Purpose, One CTA

All great landing pages follow the simple rule of having only one CTA on one page. Do not confuse your users with multiple CTAs. Too many choices confuse people leading to no choice and users abandoning your page altogether.

CTAs can be powerful, if done well. Give it due attention and your conversion rate may increase dramatically. Here are a few tips that can help you do so –

  • Use words that solve a problem or describe a value for the customer
  • Use a color that stands out yet fits in the overall design of your site, page, products etc.
  • Place CTAs at logical decision-making points on the page
  • Use urgency to prompt immediate action
  • Stick to one CTA for one page and purpose

Above all, test your own ideas from time to time variables and measure how your audience responds to them.

To know more about conversion rates and CTAs, talk to Team OgreLogic, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Austin, Texas. OgreLogic is your natural strategic partner providing responsive web design, virtual resourcing, content focused digital marketing services and game changing mobile apps.

4 Great Digital Marketing Strategies That Worked

4 Great Digital Marketing Strategies That Worked

In this blog, we bring you the top 4 companies with the best online marketing campaigns that rocked.


Uber started only 8 years ago but it feels like they’ve always been around. They have grown mostly through word-of-mouth marketing, which has a very high conversion rate. Uber offers incentives for users to act as brand ambassadors by giving referral codes to their friends in exchange for free rides. By bringing together a service that saves you time, makes transportation easier and cost-effective and the powerful referral system, Uber has made the most of its digital marketing strategy.


Zappos has set amazing standards in online customer care. Apart from a365-day money back guarantee, they offer free shipping (sale as well as return/exchange). At the same time, Zappos invests heavily in digital marketing.

Such policies are so popular that buyerstalk about the company in a positive light in a completely organic (and, of course, viral) manner. And according to Nielsen, 84% of customers make purchase decisions based on recommendations from their friends.So you have a winning formula!


The financial tracking tool Mint took has proven that it’s possible to carve a niche successfully through well-executed digital marketing strategies.

Mint’s commitment to putting out highly valuable content is amazing – from informative blog posts to instantly-going-viral infographics. As the result of its digital marketing efforts, Mint amassed a huge online following before Intuit bought it for $170 million!


Many companies have online communities but AMEX has truly leveraged the value of online conversations by industry experts on its Open Forum website. Guest authors are invited to share business expertise. As a result, AMEX gets a content-rich site,a search engines’ favorite, without emptying its pockets to pay content contributors.

If you are looking for a digital marketing company, get in touch with OgreLogic in Austin. OgreLogic’s online marketers, SEO experts, web developers and designers and analysts solve real problems through research, design and execution. Their passion for everything digital includes yet goes beyond websites, apps, search and social.