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5 Ways to Revamp Your Yard Around Puget Sound, WA

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Your yard can make a huge impact on the way people see your home-and how much you use your yard. A bare yard will not entice you to sit outside with a cup of coffee or have neighbors over for a cookout. Likewise, if you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll need to upgrade your curb appeal to draw in buyers.

No matter your reason for the revamp, there are a few easy ways to make your yard a beautiful haven and a pleasant living space. From planting herbs to building a pergola, there is a project that you can do to improve the look and function of your yard.

Top Five Things to Improve Your Yard

Make it livable. The top thing you can do for your yard is to create a comfortable living space. Many people are putting in pergolas and patios in order to create an outdoor living room. Pergolas are preferred over awnings because not only do they let in more light and air in, they can incorporate plant life to soften their looks. A pergola covered with flowering jasmine or wisteria is the ultimate in comfort and romance.

Most people put in a patio under their pergola, and paving brick is better than a concrete slab for this purpose. Concrete makes people think of driveways and parking lots, not a comfy place to kick back. You can even grow moss or a ground cover such as chamomile between the pavers.

As far as outdoor furniture goes, you are no longer limited to plastic and rattan chairs. New polymer fabrics are colorfast and mildew resistant, so you can sit on a colorful and dry padded chair year-round. You can make a built-in bench with pavers or pallets. The options are truly limitless.

Let the light shine. Incorporating lighting into your yard’s face lift is easy and cost-effective. Solar powered lighting can easily be installed along pathways, and light strings or paper lanterns are a lovely addition to a patio or gazebo. You can install outdoor lighting, sometimes called “Malibu lighting,” to light up your trees and home. Not only does this make your home more attractive at night, but it also deters burglars.

You can also change the lighting you already have. Is your porch light outdated? Y ou can update your existing lanterns with newer styles that work on a timer or motion detector. No more forgetting to turn off the porch light!

Grow your own food. Have you ever had a homegrown tomato? Well, that flavor may explain why adding a garden is one of the top trends in landscaping. Adding a garden can be as simple as planting a pot of fragrant herbs or lettuce among the petunias. Or it can be as complicated as creating multiple raised beds with a dozen or more varieties of vegetables and a fruit tree or two.

Many varieties of vegetables require no more work than grass, with the added benefit that you get to eat what you grow! And your family can rest assured that there are no dangerous pesticides or waxes coating your food.

Relax next to a babbling brook. Water features are a perfect way to make your yard attractive and relaxing. The benefits of having a fountain or pond in your back yard are endless. The sounds of running water will make your yard welcoming and relaxing. A fountain or waterfall will also attract local wildlife and add birdsong to your yard’s soundtrack. You can even combine different kinds of water features-picture a waterfall that ends in your hot tub, allowing for an extra soothing dip after work.

And unlike some upgrades, water features vary enough you can find one to fit your budget and yard. For smaller yards, you can fit a small fountain into the corner of the yard or install a globe bubbler next to your deck or patio. If you have a little more leeway, you can create a koi pond or a small stream. And no matter your budget, water features require little maintenance and add to the value of your home.

Roast marshmallows on your patio. Fewer things are better than fire. It’s relaxing, romantic, and you can make s’mores. What more could you want? Well, it can also add value to your home!

Fire pits and fireplaces come in a variety of options. You can get a portable fire pit that you can move wherever you want it. Y ou can build a permanent brick-and-mortar fireplace. Many of these options can double as an

outdoor barbecue. If you love pizza, you can even add a wood-fired pizza oven. There are many ways to add a primal flair to your yard.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your yard more beautiful and functional. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home before putting it on the market or you want to enjoy your yard for many years, there is something for you. You can have the yard of your dreams.