The Importance of Testing Your Drinking Water — Auburn, WA

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Getting your water supply from your own well can give you a sense of independence from more urban lifestyles. While having a water well can be a fulfilling experience, it is crucial that you check to make sure that your water supply is always healthy and clean.

Ways Water Becomes Contaminated

It does not take much for a water well to become contaminated. Your well could easily be exposed to contaminants if it is near livestock, manure piles, septic tanks, or petroleum tanks. Additionally, excessive use of fertilizers or pesticides in the leaching field could put high levels of nitrates in your soil and directly into your water supply.

Flooding can also cause contaminants to occur in your water supply if your well is located in the path of a runoff. The runoff picks up waste and nitrates from the surface and carries it down to where your well is located. This contaminated water frequently contains E. coli, which can cause diarrhea, hepatitis, and dysentery, although the symptoms may not immediately surface.

How Water Is Tested

Well water is tested using a WQI (water quality indicator) test. This test will tell you the levels of contaminants, nitrates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other harmful substances in your water.

There are home kits for testing your water supply. However, the samples should be sent to a certified lab to receive the most reliable results. If you want to cut out the middle man, you can directly call a professional, licensed company to test your water supply for you. If you receive poor results, the company can then help you do what you need to fix your well.

When Water Needs to Be Tested

Water needs to be tested at least on an annual basis. This annual test will look for traces of coliform bacteria, nitrates, and dissolved solids, as well as pH levels. The Center for Disease Control recommends also testing your water when there are any disturbances to your well. This can include flooding, waste disposal, and land disruptions. You should also consider testing your water if someone in your household has fallen ill recently, the water has a strange taste or color, or if you have had a part of your well replaced or repaired.

To ensure that your water supply is safe, it is vital that you test it on a regular basis. Whether you need your private or commercial water well tested, call us today for certified and professional assistance. Contact us today!


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