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Tips for Diagnosing Bladder Tank Problems — Puget Sound, WA

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Valley pump bladder-tanksIf you own a private well and use a bladder tank to maintain water pressure to the taps in your home, you know how important its correct functioning can be to your entire well system. Here are some tips and tricks to diagnosing bladder tank problems that will help you get your water flowing correctly once again.

Bladder tanks typically come precharged with air from the factory, but that does not mean they do not require a little routine maintenance from time to time. Changes in water pressure can effect the amount of air in the tank as well. If you begin to notice a dropoff in water pressure at the tap, measure the amount of air in your bladder tank, and be ready to add some if it has fallen below the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Depending on the issue you are having with your water pressure, it may also be that the tank has become waterlogged. A quick look can tell you if your bladder tank has either filled completely with water or even just has too much inside to function correctly. In serious cases of waterlogging, simple maintenance may not be the answer, and complete replacement may be necessary.

If you have questions regarding bladder tank problems, or are looking to have one professionally installed,contact the experts at Valley Pump. Serving the Greater Puget Sound area since 1938 has given us the experience to help you keep your well running efficiently!